PCM Annual Report 2020

Published: 2021-01-15

Dear Colleagues,

As we prepare this brief 2020 annual report of Precision Cancer Medicine (PCM), the world is still in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic that has gravely impacted every aspects of our personal and professional lives for over a year. In spite of the complicated and difficult situations, we have continued to work together with you to make some progress in the journal development in 2020. Some of the highlights include:

- PCM has an internationalized editorial board of 206 members from 26 countries and has published 35 articles in 2020.
- PCM has 3 special series completed in 2020 and has 6 ongoing series exploring trending topics.
- PCM has doubled its number of pageviews in each of the last three years. Specifically, the number of pageviews reached 11,372 in 2018, 24,416 in 2019 and 45,202 in 2020.

We express sincere gratitude to our editorial board members, guest editors, authors, reviewers and readers for your participation and contributions in the past year and look forward to your further engagement and support in the new year.

Take good care and be well in all endeavors.

Editorial Office
Precision Cancer Medicine

2020 Annual Report at PDF