Precision Surgery for Lung Cancer

Posted On 2019-04-29 15:10:07

Guest Editor: Marcelo F. Jimenez, Salamanca, Spain

Review Article

Patient-tailored prevention of post-operative complications after lung resection

Elaine Teh, Gianluca Casali


Planning and marking small nodules for surgery

Marcelo F. Jimenez, Marta G. Fuentes, Maria T. Gomez-Hernandez, Nuria M. Novoa


How to improve the precision of closed chest sublobar resections

Dominique Gossot, Rossella Potenza, Amaia Ojanguren, Agathe Seguin-Givelet


Custom-made prosthesis in thoracic surgery

Jose L. Aranda, Alejandro M. Espiago


Training and precision surgery in VATS lobectomy

Tamim A. Haidari, Lars Konge, Rene H. Petersen


More are coming……